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Iron Soldier Classes

Iron Soldier Classes

Iron soldier fitness training is a tactical strength and conditioning system that incorporates both mental and physical elements into each session. The system will help you become more able to deal with ANY situation and uses no nonsense modern training techniques to achieve this.

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Personal Training

Whether you want to improve an aspect of your physique or improve on your performance levels, personal training is a great way to achieve this. Working together to improve the way you function, the way you look, and ultimately the way you feel.


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Iron Soldier Fitness Training

Militaries around the world rely on extraordinary people to perform extraordinary tasks every day, sometimes in hostile environments! One of the factors that allows them to deal with the unpredictable and ever changing nature of the job is their physical fitness and mental robustness. Here at 'Iron Soldier fitness training' we want to allow people who are not in the military to reap the benefits of military fitness and its successful application to nearly every situation from the workplace to the sports field. This is not just another boot-camp however; military fitness requires much more than that! You can expect properly constructed outdoor sessions designed with a specific purpose in mind, anything from basic military style strength and skills sessions all the way up to mentally taxing, high intensity conditioning sessions that will require inner resilience and an iron will! All sessions will be coached by myself Tom Murray; an Ex-Royal Marine with military experiences ranging from the desert of Afghanistan to the Arctic expanses of Norway. This type of training worked and still does work for me, and will for you too! So if your looking to get fit, lose weight or even build muscle then this is the training for you! Working together we'll develop a body and mind cast of iron! IRON SOLDIER FITNESS TRAINING- FRONTLINE FITNESS!
Iron Soldier Fitness Training
Iron Soldier Fitness Training is at Iron Soldier Fitness Training.Monday, April 24th, 2017 at 2:26am
Thought I'd put this kettlebell session I came up with on here: As many rounds as you can (with solid form only) of:

a) 10 X Kettlebell long cycle (clean and jerk) @ 2 x 24 kg kettlebells
b) 2 rounds: 5 x pull-ups, 7 x press-ups, 9 x squats... Complete part a, then straight into part b, then repeat until 30 minutes is up...

This workout was good workout and tough on both the strength and conditioning aspects...

If you've never done long cycles before, keep the weight down and concentrate on a strong re-brace in the racked position before going overhead... Oh...and they fuck you up big time 😭

Video is last you can see I'm fucked... Have a crack this week if you're in need of getting a sweat on!
Iron Soldier Fitness Training
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