Me, my garden and I.

It’s become apparent to me that over the 12-18 months there has been a lot of pictures and videos of me half naked, in my garden(s) training. This isn’t because I have a lack of clothes or because I’ve been thrown outside by my girlfriend (well sometimes anyway), but because I have made a commitment to prove to myself and also the people who follow Iron soldier that to improve fitness and strength doesn’t require an absurd amount of kit.

I sit at 91kg bodyweight quite happily with very little fluctuation. I maintain a healthy level of body fat and don’t really get caught up in the fitness industry’s obsession with everyone having to look like they have been carved out of stone and painted that horrible shiny bronze colour. I can also hold my own when it comes to strength and physical ability.

The reason I’ve mentioned all of the above is because I have done this by using a simple approach to training that other people could look at and then go outside (or inside if they wanted) of their house and with a consistent approach….achieve a better version of themselves.

The fitness industry has become so diluted in the past 10-15 years that people could be fooled into thinking that without a gym or loads of kit your chances of being successful are very slim…This couldn’t be further from the truth. In the past year I have done some of the best workouts of my life whilst working in about a 2 metre square space, and hanging off my front door lintel. The key factor was that I had the intention to work hard, do the basics well, and make myself adapt to what I had…and I have.

To anyone reading this…if you want to hit targets or improve yourself and don’t know where to start, then follow the guidelines below:

1- learn the basics of squats, lunges, press-up variations, pull-up or row variations and core exercises such as planks and dish holds. Start with the easiest variations and get the form right-numbers come with time.

2- Running and sprinting are free, don’t go to a gym and use a treadmill- just go outside. Haven’t got a decent space? Do it on the spot. Do short intervals or longer efforts, but don’t push too hard to start with.

3- Focus on as few things as possible when starting out- strength and form are always my start points. If you have too many targets you won’t see an improvement. You’re after a 1% improvement not turn into an athlete overnight!

4-Use your garden!! It’s outside, it’s your space, and used correctly will become your gym! You can also wear whatever you like- bonus!!

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