Mind-set and motivation. A strategy to change.

Is mind-set something that can be developed or is it something that is a pre-determined part of you as a person? Some would argue that its nature that has the biggest impact, and some would say it was nurture…but does this really matter? The answer is no.

Each person takes on a new fitness challenge or routine in a different way- some seem more accustomed to doing this without any external help such as a personal trainer or supportive partner, but that isn’t to say that you can’t one day be the same.

Our mind-sets have been developed through experiences we may not be totally aware of; as a child you may have had an experience which has made you subconsciously afraid of putting yourself out of your comfort zone; so you hold back or don’t even try to push yourself in the first place. Can this be undone? Yes.

There are lots of ways to change your mind-set and attitude towards your new fitness journey, but one I particularly like is regular self evaluation. This allows you to monitor how far you have come, how much positive change has taken place, and acts as a reference to a time when things weren’t as you wanted them. It will make you accountable to yourself and no-one else. Eventually you’ll become naturally motivated and won’t need the diary any longer.

The strategy:

-start a fitness diary and have a section at the start and end of each week for how motivated you are, and how you feel in general.

-set yourself small weekly goals you could easily achieve e.g. drink 1 litre more water per day or eat breakfast every day.

-at the end of the week evaluate how you feel compared to the start of the week- hold yourself accountable.

-if you didn’t achieve then say why, and this becomes your motivation to improve.





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