The zombies are here! Part 1:-

So you wake up one morning and you open the curtains and to your surprise there is a large number of zombies heading down the road…they aren’t the fastest things you’ve ever seen but there sure is a lot of them. During that split second of thinking “What the actual fuck is going on?!!!” your body goes into fight or flight mode- in this case its flight mode (fighting them may be one risk too much).

You grab what you can as quick as you can and exit the house out of the back door and head over a number of gardens and away from the danger as fast as you can…but you can see more of them…you’ll just have to keep moving, unfortunately hotwiring a modern car isn’t an option so running it is.

You know a place…a couple of miles away from here that will be high enough and too difficult for them to get to you-you’ll have to climb, jump and haul yourself up there…you hope you’re strong enough- if you are you can plan your next move in relative safety…to be continued….

Above is the most unlikely event you’ll ever face; but it puts a few things into perspective for anyone who is trying to find that functionality in their fitness. We are animals-advanced, civilised, but still animals. We have attributes that evolution has developed for us in order to stay alive and thrive. The problem is that the fitness industry has largely tried to write a lot of this out of fashion in order to make sales on the newest thing.

If you want to be functional then remember how we are built, why we are built and then plan your fitness around it. We can be hunters and prey depending on the scenario. Sometimes the only way to survive is to run and come back fighting another day-if you can’t run fast enough for long enough you might be zombie food. If the only way to escape the zombie is climbing then I hope your equipped to do so.

Get outside and see what your body is capable of…test it out, find it’s shortfalls and then train it to adapt. If you struggle to keep moving then you are going against your genetic make up- the one thing that is responsible for your very existence.

Take away tip from part 1:- develop endurance; learn to walk, run and navigate your environment efficiently for extended periods of time. Don’t favour short and intense over long and slow- both should be at your disposal.



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