A few home truths!!

Just like politics…the fitness industry is full of shit…it’ll tell you what you want to hear at the expense of the truth…gurus and experts popping up all over the place telling you how to construct carb free meals with zero flavour and about as much appeal as a hard poke in the eye.

There is a lot of un-real expectation in society of how you should look and how you should train…the whole industry relies on repeat customers for 6,8 or 12 week weight loss plans, this is clever because they simply aren’t sustainable…once the novelty wears off things usually head the other way and it’ll only be a matter of time before you have to go back to chicken, broccoli and burpee hell.

There are a few truths that I think everyone needs to understand and the quicker that they become instilled the better:

1- it’s ok to have some body fat > both males and females (females especially) need body fat in order to carry out processes in the body essential to be healthy and happy…the implications for too little can be as bad as too much.

2- looking good doesn’t supersede function > when you’re 50+ years old I guarantee you’ll give zero fucks about how your abs look when your back is unable to withstand the rigors of daily life, or you can’t grip the kettle to make a cup of tea because your grip has deteriorated.

3- one training style is better than another > this is simply subjective. One size doesn’t fit all.

4- hitting your fitness goals will bring you eternal happiness > we are much more complicated than just how fit we are physically…Yes this is very important, but sometimes we need to find other things to make us happy. If going to the gym stops you spending time with your family, or your restrictive diet plan destroys your social life then you need to review your priorities.

5- food isn’t the enemy > we are designed to eat a varied diet and our bodies need food to work at their best…eat it, enjoy it, just recognise what over indulgence is.

The above won’t guarantee you ripped abs in 6 weeks…it’s much better than that.




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