Xmas tick over workouts!!

It’s that time of year again…you know it…the one where you apparently need to get really ripped in time for Xmas…and then hide it all under your jumper, jacket and scarf…

Or is it the time of year when the internet gets flooded with the same memes about “the only bad workout is the one you haven’t done” or “earn your Xmas”?…most of it insinuating that you need to thrash yourself to death in order to be able to enjoy your life…

However, if you are a rational human being like myself you’ll probably stick your middle finger up at all of those memes and tell them to go fuck themselves, then try and find another solution to the problem of maintaining a level of fitness, strength, and yes…aesthetics over the Xmas period…well…look no further…because I’ve got your back.

After eating your own bodyweight in cheese, drinking red wine through a straw for the best part of 24-48 hours you’ll probably not want to go and annihilate your already overly stressed body with a death workout suited to Satan himself…something a bit more forgiving maybe?….

The other option is to utilise any of my ‘Xmas tick over workouts’ below…designed to give you just enough activity to counteract your over indulgence, and hopefully go back to your previous routine with as little disruption as possible…

Workout 1: press-ups x 10-15 reps then 3 steady walks up and down the stairs or slow jog 3 lengths of the garden/street etc. Do this 3 times then rest for 1-2 minutes. Then 20-30 lying leg raises followed by 3 steady walks up and down the stairs x 3, then rest for 1-2 minutes. Finally perform 15-20 squats followed by 3 steady walks up and down the stairs x 3. Done.

Workout 2: 5 rounds of: pull-ups x 5, hanging knee raises x 10, walking lunges x 20, rest 1-2 minutes.

Workout 3: Go for a walk for 40-60 minutes, then every 5 minutes perform (depending on surroundings) either 5 x pull ups or 10 x press-ups, 15 x leg raises (I’m avoiding sit-ups if you’ve been drinking and eating a lot for a reason), 20 x squats or step-ups onto a bench or platform…mix it up a bit and don’t go hell for leather just concentrate on form.

All of the above can be done at a steady pace or faster if you feel better than you thought, and can be done with minimal equipment (tree branches or playground for pull-ups> press-ups anywhere)…you might find you want to puke enough over the festive period as it is, don’t let exercise be another reason for it…enjoy your Xmas folks!




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