So…it’s been a while….thought I’d give you all (and myself) a break from my social media battering.

This blog is just some thoughts regarding your fitness for the rest of 2017 (once the January re-bound has subsided).

1- it’s still only January…you will need longer than a month to be a ripped Adonis…much longer…this is your start point for that journey…give it time.

2- don’t be consumed with all of trainers posting videos of themselves doing something advanced (include my videos in that)…they didn’t get out of bed and just have the ability to perform such endeavours…there is a lot of work gone into it beforehand…use it as inspiration or un-follow them…concentrate on you and how you’re doing.

3- fitness is a very personal thing…your reasons will differ from someone else’s…circumstances will change…so will you…and with that so will your fitness goals…they are your business…keep it that way.

4- 12 months seems like a long time looking ahead, but only seems like a snapshot looking back…you’ll be surprised at how much you can achieve in that time if you want to…the same goes for not doing anything…you’ll be surprised what you may lose…remember that each year it becomes a little bit harder to carry out the same resolutions…think about it.

5- you’ll never be perfect…none of us are (although some of us like to think so)…accept that fact and keep going…who’d want to be perfect anyway? Perfect is boring.