Tom is a former Royal Marine and served with 42 Commando on operations in Afghanistan and took part in the first major joint European arctic warfare exercise in Norway, with 42 leading the way as main commando group. Tom has also taken part in mountain training packages and various other tactical lead commando exercises during his time in the forces.


Tom comes from a sport and exercise sciences background and has taken part in a programme to coach children in schools around Stoke on Trent in 2006. He is a believer in the principles of strength and conditioning and performance style training and has a real passion for personal training and instruction.


Tom is also part of the Combined Strength Group, a world wide dedicated group of strength coaches, trainers, rehab specialists and athletes that train hard and learn openly to deliver their best.


Afghan Pre deployment training. 42CDO Royal Marines.

Active Duty

Deployed on active duty to Afghanistan April 10th - October 22nd. 42 CDO Royal Marines.


Deployed to Norway for Arctic and cold weather warfare exercise as lead commando element for European battle group. 42 CDO Royal Marines.

Iron Soldier is Born

Ceased service with Royal Marines. Iron soldier fitness training was born! Tom started to coach local athletes and fitness enthusiasts.

Continued Growth

Iron soldier fitness training was continuing to grow and improve the fitness of local community. Tom continued to coach a variety of people from the local community to reach their fitness goals.

Powering Forward

Some fantastic results and achievements by our regular warriors and personal training clients at a variety of levels.

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