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Iron soldier fitness training is a tactical strength and conditioning system
that comprises of modern military and athletic training principals. The system
allows you to become ready for any scenario and deal with it effectively, whether it is at work, at home, the sports field or hostile environments.

Benefits of Iron soldier fitness training:

1)Improved strength…we believe strength is the best way to prevent injury and also manipulate your environment, whether that’s carrying an injured colleague or pulling yourself over a wall.

2)Better stamina and endurance…at Iron soldier our system makes sure that endurance is a priority. The longer you can work for the better.

3)Greater athletic ability…run faster, jump higher, throw further and become a more agile beast. Get ahead of your opponents and leave them in your dust.

4)A more athletic physique…gain a body that doesn’t just perform brilliantly, but looks amazing too. Lean, muscular and toned!

5)Mentally stronger…real world fitness needs mental strength so we make sure every session pushes you to new limits and makes you more confident and resilient. We’ll help you develop that Iron will!

6)Training like the elite…use methods developed to train soldiers, commandos and athletes to cope with the demands of their roles.

Class Trainer

Tom Murray

Tom Murray -Former Royal Marine Commando -Specialist in: -zero bullshit real world fitness -strength training -tactical and sports conditioning -movement quality...


Class Information

Enquiries: 6 months
TimeFrame: Monday - Friday